This here is a nostalgic scene of Passamaquoddy community members in traditional regalia uniting for the Round Dance. A dance where all members, visitors, everyone, can join together to dance to the beats, be one with the tribe and under the sun on ancestral lands. Outfitted with Passamaquoddy motifs in contemporary style. 
    A painting that took me over two years to complete and had many challenges as the pandemic hit, in the instance where I thought I was going to give up on art. I had an existential crisis in my field and I felt like art was an excessive and elaborate non practical field. However, The pandemic did make me realize the importance of being able to observe tribal members continuing the traditions of dancing, drumming, and the ceremonies involved. I myself don’t dance, I did as a kid, but I appreciate all of those who do dance. In the end, as the clouds started to dissipate, I continued on and pushed through with what my original objective was when I started this painting with the extra gained appreciation. 

A 36”x48” oil painting on canvas.
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