A 12"x16" Limited Edition Enhanced Matte Print of original artwork. ~Many Calves~A female indigenous Hidatsa ancestor of mine portrayed in her beauty as was her custom and regalia of the time. She is also a focal point for my spiritual and energetic intentions of finding that genetic link and the origins of how I came to this world and how I can use history and ancestry to help shape the person I would like to be. This painting uses sigils, a form of word magic and symbolic representations of what I am trying to manifest; connecting, healing through heritage and ancestors. The tree of life, with some abstract looking cherry blossoms, is on the backside of the portal, connecting us, while she has come though, having been manifested through with my sigils. She stands on the red earth, a metaphor for the red road and a reference to the way of life lived by indigenous people always. All sales are final. All prints are signed and numbered. Shipping costs are not included in this price and will be calculated upon checkout.

Many Calves Print

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