Hi!          My name is Randi, but officially I'm known as Norma, welcome to my website, Peskotomuhkat nil.   I’m an artist and homesteader from Maine. I grew up on the Passamaquoddy Pleasant Point reservation  and continue to live in the Passamaquoddy territory and ancestral lands in Washington county and work on a homestead with my husband, two dogs, and chickens. We love gardening, outdoor activities, and trying to be self-sustainable; which is an infinitely inspiring life. 

     I am an oil and acrylic painter who graduated with a Bachelors degree of Interdisciplinary Fine Arts at the University of Maine at Machias. 
My art focuses on my heritage and lineage of the Passamaquoddy, Hidatsa, and Mandan culture. I like to use painting as a form of researching and documentation of tribal culture. Just like the phases of the moon, the culture adapts and changes over time, and although most stories are passed down orally, it is nice to have that imagery associated with the stories.

    I also dabble into the abstract realm occasionally, playing outside of my main focus to mix things up for myself and keeping painting fun. I like to combine my knowledge and experience of homesteading, cultural influences, self sustenance, sustainability, and herbal healing,  to paint out the magical curiosities and reveries of life that must be reckoned with and put onto canvas.

   Thank you for visiting, I've categorized my art for easier viewing in different pages. I am open to commissions depending on my availability and subject, simply send the contact form to reach out.